USD/MYR Still Stifled by Suspected Intervention -- Market Talk

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0132 GMT [Dow Jones] USD/MYR is likely to linger within its recent range of 3.7860-3.8090 as suspected intervention by the Malaysia central bank keeps a lid on the U.S. dollar. Consistent selling by recognised agents of the central bank around the 3.8060-3.8070 level in recent days has had onshore traders murmuring that Bank Negara Malaysia is determined not to let the ringgit weaken any further. The ringgit is already the poorest performer among Asian currencies this year, and has surpassed the 1999-2005 currency peg of 3.8000 to fall to a 10-year low versus the U.S. dollar. Overnight, the U.S. dollar index slipped on a drop in U.S. Treasury yields, but fundamentally ought to remain supported after U.S. weekly jobless claims data trumped expectations, making it more likely that the U.S. Federal Reserve might raise interest rates this year. USD/MYR is now 3.8060 from its Thursday close of 3.8040. (

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July 23, 2015 21:33 ET (01:33 GMT)
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