Store General Manager

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Store General Manager
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เปิดรับสมัคร : Store General Manager ภาคอีสาน (หนองหาน/ พิจิตร/ พะเยา/ อุดร)
Job Summary & Purpose:

o   Oversee and direct total store operations to ensure attainment of established targets through constant monitoring of P&L in sales, shrinkage, customer management, stock management and all operating and personnel expenses.
Principal Accountabilities:
o   To manage the assigned store to meet store target both financial aspects and operational standard aspects (Store Appearance, Product variety, etc.).
o   Responsible for overall store operations and sales activities through all work units within the assigned store, eg,. Fresh, Grocery and Non-Food Divisions, Receiving Yard, Storage, Cashier, Security, Maintenance, Accounting, etc.,
o   Achieve the target sale specified by the company and develop action plan when necessary. Deliver and support stores to achieve store KPIs.
o   Monitor P&L to reach the target specified by the company and initiate corrective action when necessary according to CFR Policy and procedure.
o   To control inventory throughout assigned store to maximize in stock conditions while minimizing back stock. Maintain stock room standard at all times.
o   Monitor shrinkage and waste at all times and control variance with appropriate action plans.
o   Control level of OOS by division everyday according to target for specific by the company.
o   Monitor the price of merchandise in the market to be competitive at all time
o   All expenses must be adjusted following sales Monitor Daily Inventory Levels to consistently achieve store target.
o   To be responsible for cash control in assigned store including cash security, deposits and check approval.
o   To ensure that all associates provide exceptional service, respect, courtesy and friendliness to all Tops customers to enhance good shopping experience.
o   Serve customer with service mind at all times to be sure this is the standard in store among all employees. Provide fast and friendly service to all customers at all times.
o   To create schedule shift hours that would best suit the store operation to ensure the sufficiency and productivity of staffs.
o   To set staff meeting schedule on a regular basis for reviewing the working target and ensuring that current and possible situations are being addressed.
o   To be responsible for all Human Resource activities at assigned store including training, corrective action, evaluating and people development to achieve excellence in all they do and increase efficiency and productivity in every function.
o   To communicate company message to the team correctly and efficiently, and provide their feedback to Tops management.
o   To coordinate with all Tops support team to make overall projects and assignments from Management achieve the target.
o   To ensure that proper safety procedures are being used.
o   For safety and work environment management to protect customers and employees.
o   Maintain compliance in all company, audit and GMP checklist.
o   To get self-updated with new Tops working process and procedures.
o   Bachelor’s degree or higher in related field
o   3 – 5 years of experience in retail operations or related business operation.
o   Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft programs, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
o   Strong leadership experience in Stores with successful track record of developing people, spotting talent and managing a remote team at senior management level.
o   Self-motivation, Autonomy, Creativity and Problem Solving.
o   Service Mind Oriented and require excellent customer service at all times to both internal and external customers
o   Good communication skill in both Thai and English

สมัครงาน : คุณพีช
โทร. 062-5244246
ไลน์. 0625244246
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